Fleur of Sel

Fleur De Sal
Flor de sal is collected from the surface of brine. It is a top quality and fine salt with whitish color. The salt has an earthlike or natural taste that could even be a bit sweet. Moreover, it is utilized for salting vegetable and several other dishes. The salt is formed in the evaporation procedure in the ponds of crystallization. It is utilized like a finishing salt for daily use and provides a special taste to the prepared dishes.

The salt is low in sodium. Its richness in trace elements provides it with a distinct taste and texture. Consuming the salt is effectual in improving health. Because of its origin, the salt has distinct qualities and features that make it distinct from common salt. The grains of the salt are crunchy and of irregular sizes, however usually go from two to four millimeters. The salt can be used for having natural salt flavor or sabor de sal natural.