About Us

Colonial Natural Products went from humble beginnings to selling our products internationally. After performing five years of clinical trials, we are proud to present a variety of products. Experience the potential health benefits of our Organic Moringa Products and our unique Fleur de sel
 We are distributors for Flor de Sal (fleur de sel). This 100% natural sea salt from Colima, Mexico has less sodium than common salt. This is the purest hypo tonic natural salt with almost all 84 micro-organisms (oligo -organisms) contained in sea water. This is a harvest salt with no artificial additives. It is highly desirable by national and international chefs for the seasoning it gives its foods. Flor de sal (fleur de sel) is hand-harvested from the sea by pre-hispanic methods. It is formed during the evaporation process typically in the month of May. When the sun is at its high point, the surface forms a thin layer of crystalized salt.