Fleur De Sel. Brings flavor to your life

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Your food will not be the same and your health will thank you.

The body cannot produce its own sodium or chloride, yet all human fluids contain (and need) salt, including blood, sweat, tears and digestive juices. The body regulates the amount of salt we consume based on our individual needs. Salt intake levels are determined in the brain. Our cerebral cortex senses each person's needs. Salt and sodium are sometimes confused. Salt is an ingredient while sodium and chloride are the actual nutrients. Salt is not the only source of either sodium or chloride. Sodium is found in many plant and animal based foods.


The Flower of Salt (Fleur of Sel) began its production in France about 30 years ago, currently it is only produced in France, Spain, Portugal, and the Laguna de Cuyutlan, Colima Mexico. 

It is formed during the evaporation process in the ponds of crystallization. This quality is only harvest 45 days per year. As the sun reaches its high point, a thin layer of salt starts appearing during these days. This is why some also call it the butter of sea salt. From there the salt is collected with a sifter with slow and smooth movements to prevent the small flakes from sinking down.

It is worldwide know as The Queen of Salt, is the purest and most natural of all salts. Due to its  FLAVOR  provided to food, that its considered a highly coveted ingredient by Chefs from all over the world. 

Fleur de Sel advantages

 Low in  Sodium

When compared to sea salt, its richness in trace elements gives it a unique flavor and texture

Consuming fleur de sel can improve your health.

Recognizing the Fleur de Sel

Due its origin, fleur de sel has unique qualities and characteristics that make it very easy to distinguish from common salt. The grains of fleur de sel are crisp and irregular sizes, but generally range from two to four millimeters. Because is naturally dried and does not have chemical additives to avoid the compaction, this kind of salt does not get wet. Therefore, the grain of fleur de sel is easily sprayed on the fingers and mixes well in liquids. Its flavor is more delicate, and does not have the bitter aftertaste that leaves the salt. Therefore,  wet salt with much coarser grains are not fleur de sel, the grains of  fleur de sel are harder and becomes moistened easily.  

Chemical composition

Sodium is important and essential to the body in small amounts, as it regulates the osmotic pressure and acid-base balance. However, excessive sodium intake can increase blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, heart failure and renal disease. It may also result in abnormal hormone secretion and cause dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system.

Fleur de sel can be used in place of salt during the cooking process to add
flavor.  It can also be added just before serving, like a garnish, a "finishing salt,"
to boost the flavor of eggs, fish, meat, vegetables, chocolate, and caramel


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Sofia Reyes
Fleur de sel

Very healthy sea salt. Ive been using it for two years